24 April 2014

Introducing TabSwitch - A NetBeans IDE Plugin for efficiently switching Editor Tabs

I'm proud to announce my first NetBeans IDE Plugin called TabSwitch!
TabSwitch is a Plugin for efficiently switching Editor Tabs in NetBeans IDE.I'm using multiple tabs heavily in my Browser and I'am used to switch them with shortcuts like

⌥ + ⌘ + ←
⌥ + ⌘ + ➝
on Mac OS X or

Alt + Ctrl + ←
Alt + Ctrl + ➝
on Windows.

So I visited NetBeans Platform Training in Leipzig with Geertjan Wielanga, Anton Eppleton and Benno Markiewicz and wrote TabSwitch to use this feature in NetBeans IDE too.To be honest, NetBeans IDE already provides a similar feature which you can use with

on Mac OS X or

Ctrl + PAGE_UP
on Windows.

But if you work with that built-in feature for a while, you will notice, that it will switch between project tabs unexpectedly if you use the "tab-row-per-project" feature of NetBeans IDE. Which made this feature unuseable for me. With TabSwitch that's not the case! TabSwitch will preserve the project scope of the tabs. So if you reach the last tab of one project it will switch to the first tab of the next project and vice versa. Also TabSwitch will stay within the project tabs if you switch the tabs in a project tab group. Here's a picture which illustrates the behavior of TabSwitch:

Behavior of TabSwitch

You can download TabSwitch
from NetBeans Plugin Center here or
from the repository here.

I hope you like it and...

Happy Coding!

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